Ford Ecosport

An environmentally friendly car that doesn’t skimp on power, the all-new Ford Ecosport sets a new standard for SUVs across the board.

Take control without lifting a finger

Ford’s top of the range hands-free media system allows you to interact with your smartphone without taking your eyes off the road. Every inch of the Ecosport is designed for convenience, making every trip luxurious and comfortable.A charging port is strategically positioned right next to the Aux input, allowing you to listen to music your way all the way.

Dressed to impress

The Ecosport is highly economical and its sleek aerodynamic mouldings add to this trait. Angular headlights show off the sport aspect of the Ecosport, giving it a competitive look not found in other SUVs. Clearance is never an issue with the Ecosport and its imposing 16” rims let everyone looking know.

Rugged and economical

It’s been over half a decade and the Ecosport is still in the lead, the Ecosport has won engine of the year for five years running. Now available in a highly efficient 1.6 litre diesel engine, the Ecosport gives you more than enough bang for very little of your buck.

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