All-New Figo

Ford Figo

Street-smart and stylish, the new Ford Figo will make every drive better. With its dashing good looks and innovative engineering, the Figo will delight and excite anyone who drives it.

Styled to stand out

The Figo’s sleek exterior looks great but also improves performance, aerodynamic contours and thoughtful design. The Figo may look small but it packs a whole lot of punch when it comes to functionality.

Sporty meets savvy

Equipped with a host of features that are designed to make driving better, the Ford Figo will never disappoint when it comes to performance and drivability. ABS and Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) make stopping more efficient and handling easier. The Figo range even comes in a variety of engine sizes, transmission systems and comfort levels that allow you to tailor your purchase to your exact desires.

Dependable and safe

The Figo utilises a variety of safety enhancing features. A hands-free multimedia system lets you safely manage calls and music while the front and side airbags will ensure your safety in dangerous situations. With its robust engine, dynamic features and superior build quality, you can be confident that the Ford Figo will never let you down.Call us today to find out more about the exciting Ford Figo.