Transit Single Chassis Cab

Ford Transit Single Chassis Cab

Get all the benefits of a panel van and the cargo-carrying capacity of a bakkie with the brand new Ford Transit Single Chassis Cab.

Power meets functionality

The Transit Single Chassis Cab is able to tow as much as 3.5 tonnes, not including everything else you can fit in the loading bay. Ford has fitted the Transit Single Chassis Cab with an eco-friendly engine that gets great fuel economy and has lower carbon emissions than ever before.

Built for utility

The Transit Single Chassis Cab is designed to be adaptable, which is why it comes with a bolted closing member, allowing you to change the length of the chassis and loading bay according to what you need. A heavy-duty headboard gives you plenty of options for tie downs without worrying about wear and tear while safely securing a load.

Comfort in convenience

A storage shelf and under-seat storage compartment in the cabin mean that driving will never be cramped, even on the longest of trips. The information display system is strategically positioned to be easily viewed and this in combination with Ford’s gear-shift indicator means that you can get even better fuel economy when driving around.

Try out the durable Ford Transit Single Chassis Cab today.